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Still need to find an image for it, but I'll do that later.

1221 Banana Bread Drive
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"Yes, you've reached Kreutzer. May I help you?"


Mar. 27th, 2025 11:25 pm
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Kreutzer's personality has pretty much entirely been headcanon'd, but that doesn't mean I can't be graded! Any comments or remarks are welcome!

If you need to speak to me, feel free to send me a PM, IM me on AIM (Sonichero91) or on plurk! ([ profile] rikimaruhitori)
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Kreutzer can create dolls capable of independent thought, personality and combat styles. They also have bombs of varying strength built into them that can be activated on physical contact with an enemy. Don't worry; the dolls won't detonate them unless they feel they have to!

However, the dolls can't instantly activate their bombs, it takes time for the bombs to charge and become active, which will be referred to as "flow." Once their flow is full, the bombs are live and are ready to explode!

I'll also use the word "planeshift" when describing some of the dolls. All it really means is just the dolls slowing down time so they can have an easier time navigating through bullet patterns or fly somewhere in a short time. Each one is also capable of flight. Below are all the 13 dolls she can make, but if she receives requests, Kreutzer just might be able to make your character a doll if you ask nicely!

The 13 dolls are all sorted into tiers as they're organized in the game. Since they're all very situational, it's hard to say one doll will always be better than the others, but they definitely have their uses!

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